Inbotech B.V. has specialized in the production and further development of Seal Pumps.
These are used in surface- and metal improvement techniques in the chemical and galvanic industries.
As ex-managing director of BOFIL Holland (gebr. Bohncke B.V.) P.H. Bohncke has 35 years’ experience in the development and production of pumps intended for the galvanic industry.
Inbotech B.V. has developed a revolutionary Seal Pump, called the “Ultra Seal Pump”. It offers an exciting alternative to the replacement of your present Magnetic pump or Seal pump. For further details of our product click on “Brochure” on this website.
Inbotech B.V. also offers tailor-made solutions to your individual requirements.
Yours sincerely,

P.H. Bohncke (Paul)  P.H.Bohcnke